It was a warm summer night when they last saw the seals on the beach. There weren't as many as they remembered from their previous trips, and they only stuck around for one last photo. June 30th, 1972, Tuzla beach, Romania.

Monk Seals used to be a common occurence in the Black Sea, with a known colony at Kaliakra, Bulgaria, They went extinct in the '80s and now exist just in the memories of a lucky few.
This illustration is an imagined last photograph of the last Monk Seals of the Black Sea. 

Created for the @aqcolor_by_benq contest, asking for designers to create a desktop wallpaper inspired by 2022's Pantone color of the year, Very Peri. This color inspired me to dive deep into nostalgia and imagined moments of utopia, and explore a dreamy summer night scene. Chicory, poppies and seals are among my favorite things.
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