Confused by the whole world and its own body, a teenage snail embarks on a journey to find its sexual identity. 

Directed by Serghei Chiviriga
Written by: Serghei Chiviriga & Tudor Om
Produced by: Ioana Lascar & Radu Stancu @
Animation by Tudor Om
Art Direction & Illustration by me
Editing by Gabi Basalici 
Music by Serban Ilicevici
Sound Mix by Filip Muresan
I worked on layout design, color scripting, and environment illustration& painting for the film, a total of 84 scenes prepped for animation 🐌🐌🐌 
The color script follows the protagonist's day, from morning to sunset, and has two main emotional beats, one in the darker wet area under the wheel where Sasha meets Misha, and the second, more expansive one, after his shocking realization with Nikita.
"The settings are just about as whimsical as they need to be to evoke a believable fantasy world, and the film’s chromatics evolve with the storyline in interesting fashion, ensuring subtle dramaturgical guidance for the viewer: light, childish shades of blue and green at the beginning, darker blue nuances at the first turning point, then red and purple hues as we leap towards the climax." - Vlad Marina in GoCritic!
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